New renovations are coming soon to Coconut Palms Beach Resort II in New Smyrna Beach, FL! In order to give guests the best experience possible, Coconut Palms Beach Resort II decided to renovate some of their most popular buildings.

Confident that these renovations will give guests the most comfortable home away from home when visiting New Smyrna Beach, interior and exterior renovations will begin on the very popular Traveler & Thatch Palm Buildings.

In the Thatch bungalows, a mature and tranquil color palate will make a perfect couples getaway. In the Traveler building, the youthful and energetic primary colors, along with plenty of seating will continue to provide a perfect backdrop for many more years of family memories. And of course, the signature Coconut Palms style that guests love will remain intact, just with a new flair!

Coconut Palms Beach Resort II is already an iconic part of New Smyrna Beach and this first phase of renovation will elevate and enhance this beautiful resort.

Below, you will see mock-ups for both the interiors and exteriors of these great buildings.