As we deal with navigating the struggles of an ever-changing 2020, we are so happy to be able to celebrate our own team. We are even more excited when we see our hard work celebrated by others. Roger Bennett, the Area General Manager of La Tour Hotels & Resorts, has been recognized with a ranking in the top ten shortlist for the 4th Annual CustomerCount® Customer Engagement Professional Resort Trades Award (CEP Award). As Bob Kobek, President of CustomerCount® and founder of the CEP Award said of LaTour Hotels & Resorts, “the company sets the tone and foundation for good customer service people to excel.”

Roger acts as the manager for our wonderfully scenic Cabins at Green Mountain, a 60-unit property in the heart of Branson, MO. His attention to detail and friendly attitude makes him an expert in providing the best service to guests and owners alike. According to Kristin Ingram, Corporate Director of Resort Experience for LaTour, who nominated him, “Roger is a genuine, hard-working resort leader – not only has he displayed these continued characteristics doing ‘business as usual,’ he also continues to adapt throughout these ‘unprecedented times.’”

We appreciate Roger so much, and we could not be happier to see him honored for all of his hard work!

To read the full article detailing Roger’s nomination, his hard work at Cabins at Green Mountain, and his love of the Christmas season, click the link below!