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LaTour Hotels and Resorts launched its hospitality division in 2006, with a partnership formed by John Small, then Chairman and CEO of ResortCom International, and Tom LaTour. Tom had just retired after serving for 25 years as Chairman and CEO of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. After his success with Kimpton, Tom had a desire to develop a new luxury brand which would address and service the explosion of high-end mixed-use resort properties hitting the industry, including hotels, resorts, condominiums and fractional properties such as private residence clubs. During the initial launch of the brand, LaTour saw immediate success. Despite the impact of the 2008 recession, LaTour continued to grow for the next 12 years on an international basis, establishing the brand as experts in quality management of smaller boutique properties.

In 2015, LaTour was approached by Zealandia Holding Company (ZHC) as a candidate for acquisition. At the end of the acquisition from ResortCom International, LaTour was able to expand their list of products and services to include hotel and resort management, condominium management, timeshare vacation club management, exchange, travel club and rental services. Since ZHC absorbed LaTour Hotels and Resorts, the brand has strengthened its position as one of the leading operators in the mixed-use hospitality industry, providing a full range of services to more than two dozen associations. In fact, we believe that no other company provides their resorts with the full range of services and products that LaTour offers.

LaTour currently manages more than $375 million in vacation and real estate assets, with more than 150,000 members and guests serviced on an annual basis. With managed assets ranging from small boutique resorts to full-service properties across five countries, LaTour is well known as a quality organization that has demonstrated a high commitment to service and operational standards, which are used to manage and monitor each individual resort’s performance quarterly and annually.

The LaTour Hotels and Resorts brand serves a distinct and diverse clientele and has been successful in helping its clients increase overall revenues, streamline overall operating costs, and increase guest and owner satisfaction through a committed professional employee community. In fact, one benefit ZHC provides as a holding company is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which encourages long-term employment and loyalty to the company. This program has helped stabilize the employment length of service within LaTour, thus ensuring a consistent level of commitment, dedication to the overall company culture and a passion for service excellence.

Our partner companies have won several American Resort Development Association (ARDA) awards over the years, in the following categories: Technology Innovation, Resort Administration and Management, Owner Communication, Owner and Customer Relations, Vendor Supplier, Rental Management, and Home Owner Board Members. We are dedicated to promoting the industry and sit on several ARDA committees. We often contribute to a variety of industry magazines. Several of our staff members have won some of the highest honors in the vacation ownership industry.


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