In May, LaTour Hotels and Resorts was pleased to celebrate John McGee Jr. and his 30 years with Atlantic Beach Resort. Its success is positively impacted by his service to making it the most welcoming and exemplary resort for its guests, and LaTour is indebted to him greatly. 

John initially came to Atlantic Beach Resort through two friends who worked at the property and recommended that he apply for an open position. Immediately, he came to know many of the guests personally, some of whom still visit the resort today. 

“The most rewarding part of my role is providing the best possible vacation for our owners and guests,” he said. “I love seeing our owners coming back each year, some I’ve known for now 30 years.” 

This consistent returning of guests extends through generations of families as well, something John especially enjoys. 

“This property is a beautiful family resort,” he said. “Many families have made memories for several generations now, and they love coming back each year.” 

This sense of family extends to the employees of Atlantic Beach Resort as well. 

“I would have to just say I love how it’s always felt like a big family working here,” John said of his fellow workers. “Some of the employees have been here as long or longer than me.” 

It’s this kind of comradery that has allowed John and Atlantic Beach Resort to persevere through its many challenges, from COVID-19 to Hurricane Florence in 2019, which caused damage that forced closure for nearly two years. 

“You just show up and do what’s necessary,” John said. “We were closed for almost two years after Hurricane Florence, and we went from office staff to doing manual labor for over a year.” 

But his spirit and passion for hospitality did not waver despite these hardships, and he credits a simple mantra for the resort’s enduring success. 

“This will pass too. Just be thankful you are here and able to work, it will get better,” he said. “This property is back and better than ever.” 

With such a great attitude and a love for the Resort, it makes all of us at LaTour very proud to know that John is helping to lead the charge.