In April, LaTour Hotels and Resorts was pleased to honor Rosaleen Cassidy for 32 years as general manager of Southcape Resort and Club. Rosaleen is a cornerstone of LaTour’s continued success, and it is only fitting to tell her story after so many years of service. 

Rosaleen was born in England, but spent most of her early life on the west coast of Ireland, learning to ride the horses that her father raised. It wasn’t until 1988 when she would move to the United States with her husband and two children, settling in Cape Cod, MA and falling in love with its scenery. 

“The spring after I arrived, I learned through a friend that there was a position opening at Southcapea place that she described as a “fun” place to work,” Rosaleen said. “And, always a fan of “fun,” I suspected that this might be a good fit! 

It certainly was a good fit, and Rosaleen’s 32 year employment has allowed her to rise all the way to the General Manager position. But it isn’t necessarily the managerial duties of resort operations that she finds most rewarding. 

“The most rewarding part of my role as general manager is the relationships that I have formed throughout the years and meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world, Rosaleen said. 

But even with all of her experience, COVID-19 still provided a unique challenge to overcome, a sentiment that echoed throughout the entire hospitality industry. Rosaleen is not one to become discouraged, though, and her handling of Southcape’s operations throughout the pandemic were essential in acting as a goal for other resorts to live up to. 

When reflecting back on 2020, Rosaleen had these inspiring words to offer.  

“This past year has certainly posed many unique challenges for our industry. Amidst a time of great loss and grieving, we also developed a renewed appreciation of our communities. I was so very touched by the many conversations that I had with our owners during the early months of shutdown. These conversations helped to sustain me, and they reinforced my understanding of the importance of vacations in people’s lives. This understanding gives meaning to what we do every day. 

The spirit of human connection is deeply rooted in Southcape’s history, and Rosaleen makes it a point to continue that legacy, spreading it to her guests. 

“In its first incarnation, Southcape was a complex of year round homes known as Massasoit Crossing –  named in honor of the rich Native American history of Mashpee,” she explained. “The Wampanoag people were the original owners of the land that Southcape sits on, and Massasoit was the leader (sachem) of the Wampanoag Confederacy. I would love to have our guests use their time with us to explore the history of this area and to connect to our rich past, and perhaps to develop a renewed understanding of the connectedness of all people and the incredibly powerful impact that we have on each other.” 

It is this compassionate perspective towards her guests and fellow employees that makes her such a valuable addition to the LaTour team. She further explained how she values the true interpersonal communication and connection above all else, and it is a viewpoint that LaTour seeks to embody at all times, across all resorts. 

At its very core, hospitality is about people and connection, but we cannot connect and impact in a positive way if we do not take time to breathe and to reflect on all that is good in life. I believe that people have a deep need to be heard and understood, and if we stop and really take a moment to see things from their perspective so that we really can hear them, I believe that the goodwill generated by this effort can only impact us in a positive way,” she explained. 

LaTour could not be prouder of the selfless and exceptional standard that Rosaleen sets every day, and this attitude was celebrated in 2016 with her receiving the Brian Cauthern Memorial Award, a memory she considers a personal favorite. 

I have so many great memories that it is difficult to pick just one, but I think the one that stands out the most for me is winning the Brian Cauthern Memorial award in 2016,” she said. “Brian was one of the first people that I met when I began working for this company, and I will never forget his gentle spirit, his wonderful sense of humor, and his kindness to me in those early days. I was so very honored to win the award, and his memory makes me smile every time that I catch sight of it. 

And so, we offer our deepest thanks for the wonderful, tireless work that Rosaleen has offered for these last 32 years. It is through her work that Southcape Resort and Club provides one of the most personal getaways in the area, which will continue for years to come.