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Resort Travel & XChange

LaTour’s clients also have access to RTX – Resort Travel & Xchange. RTX provides timeshare exchange options to 85,000 members. Members enjoy low exchange fees and rebates as well as other discounted vacation services. Some benefits include a deposit life of up to four years, split week exchange, unit size upgrades, exchange protection, discounted hotel stays, and car rentals.

RTX’s primary goal is to give members the option to travel where they want and when they want for their timeshare exchanges and all other travel needs, without having to spend money or time on multiple memberships. Members enjoy one low exchange fee, long deposit life, and much more.

RTX’s Premium membership level has an estimated annual value of nearly $650, with over $100 in annual average savings on additional travel beyond the exchange. Our Premium Plus members enjoy a total annual value of more than $1,000, with more than $300 in estimated annual savings on additional vacations.

RTX’s partners (resorts, HOAs, management companies, and developers) benefit from RTX as much as its members do without a high cost. RTX offers better service and benefits through the member communication provided as well as opportunities for rental income through assistance with resort inventory. RTX is focused on providing services that add value including:

RTX can provide a one-year Premium Plus membership to board members at newly affiliated resorts, complete with an on-boarding email campaign to familiarize board members with the product. RTX can also work with the HOA to create an engagement program tailored to its owners.

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